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mardi 2 février 2010

Vérité et mensonge...

En complément de réflexion sur la vérité, j'ai participé récemment à une discussion sur un blog de Linked-in (PR professionals) portant sur la question suivante: les professionels en RP mentent-ils?  Je vous livre ici certains des extraits les plus intéressants selon moi (et qui proviennent tous de professionnels en relations publics):

«PR people who purposely lie to the media won't last long in the business.»

«I guess both PR professionals and journalists choose that part of the truth that's most suited to their arguments.  But isn't that the case with car salesmen, real estate agents, lawyers and politicians?  Oops, I guess I just made a list of the least trusted professions here....  I have always beleived and practised onr policy as a journalist and as a communications professional: honesty is the best policy.»

«There's no hard and fast on this one - as in life.  The basic principle is not to lie but of course we are representing our clients' interests and choose the best facts to put forward arguments that support their case.  But we'va all had to lie at some time - or at least withold the truth...  Who's had occasion to answer «I don't know» to a journaist's question when you do know but are not allowed to say?»

«Someone once told me that if we think about it, each and every day is filled with being confronted by makng moral decisions, one after the other.  I am here to bear wirness to the fact that weighing  the prs and cons gets easier and easier.  It all boils down to «do the right thing»... I never lie, I don't like liars and I won't work with liars.  Period.  This is why I won't work with PR firms that are found out to be telling a lie... And I won't take accounts where a client is asking for acrisis comms agency; when it's corporate, it's usually meant to cover up, i.e. to protecty the stockholder's interest, bugger the public, and to hell with illumination and transparency.»

«Of course we all tell lies - they are a necessary lubricant in business as they are in social life... There can be few of us who have not told a caller on the phone «The boss is ni a meeting» when what we actuyally mean is «the boss doesn't want to talk to you right now», or «I don't think it would be in the company's best interests for the boss to talk to you right now».  So - never tell a lie?  Who are you kidding?  Daily life is full of these «little lies».  What about the big lies though?  I am absolutely, 100 percent, of the view that deliberate misrepresentation of the facts is wrong... Where is the boundary between acceptable little lies and unacceptable big lies?  It is difficult to define but it in some ways revolves around the significance of the issue under discussion and the likely consequences of what you say.»

«Preach on!  Companies lie to us daily.  The government doesn't always tell its citizens the truth.  Our bosses don't give us the full story.  We all spin our yarns the way we want to be seen - in the best possible light... People are naïve if they think there is nothing but truth in this world.»

EN RÉSUMÉ... de multiples points de vue sur une question qui touche au respect de notre intégrité processionnele.  Votre opinion?

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